3rd Party Events

Getting Creative for LAMB!

(Not that creative? Here are some ideas.)

Many people over the years have gotten excited to spread the word about what God is doing at LAMB and help raise money to support the ministry. Some of our friends get really creative and come up with all sorts of ideas; others need a little help, so we want to share ideas that people have used in the past…
  • Host a dinner party and serve a Honduran style meal. We are happy to send menu ideas for even the most basic of cooks upon request.
  • Make and sell jewelry
  • Show the LAMB video at your Bible study or small group
  • Have guest at your own or your child’s birthday make a donation instead of giving gifts
  • Have a small group challenge where you ask your Bible study or group of friends to give up nice coffee or bottled water for a season (maybe Lent) and donate the money they would have spent to LAMB.
  • Have another idea? We would love to hear about it; please share!

LAMB Institute 3rd Party Event Policies & Procedures

Any fundraising activity benefiting LAMB must be approved by Margaret Merritt in advance. Outside of special, approved circumstances funds should only be solicited for “where needed most”. Note that a 3rd party event is one where checks will be written to LAMB. This is different than a church raising funds to support their mission team project. The Third Party Special Event Proposal Application must be completed and filed with The LAMB Institute no less than 30 days prior to the proposed event date before approval can be granted.

After reviewing these guidelines, please complete and sign the event proposal and return it to:

Post Office Box 2557
Mount Pleasant, SC 29465

General Guidelines for approval:

  • The event fits well with our mission or program priorities.
  • Fundraising groups may only use our logo in a way that promotes our positive image, and must receive prior approval to display.
  • All expenses related to the event must be paid for out of event proceeds (LAMB will not be held accountable for any outstanding expenses).
  • All community events to benefit LAMB must follow applicable laws and regulations.
  • Fundraising groups need to have their own necessary insurance and permits/licenses.
  • LAMB is not liable for any injuries sustained by event volunteers or participants
  • related to a third-party fundraising event benefiting LAMB and cannot assume any type of liability at said event.
  • Event organizers will recruit their own volunteers.
  • The LAMB Institute cannot guarantee employees and/or volunteers will be available for the event. However, we would love to support in that way if possible. Requests for staff/volunteer assistance at the event should be made at the time of the proposal.
  • Any event utilizing a sales event must guarantee at least 20% of their proceeds.

General Procedures:

  • Event organizers are asked to submit the Application and other required documents at least 30 days in advance of the intended event date, but plans should be discussed with Margaret Merritt as soon as possible. We want to support you in your effort, and do not want you to spend time planning if we need to request that changes are made.
  • Event organizers will be given the rights to use logo on brochures, promotional items, handouts and giveaways, etc. as approved by the LAMB Institute. If you would like to make a request for materials such as brochures, bookmarks, or videos, this should be done at the time of application at least 30 days in advance. If you are requesting a large amount of material, it may be requested that a donation is made to cover the cost of printing.
  • Event organizers are responsible for payment of all event expenses.
  • If the event expenses are greater than the total collected, the group holding the event is responsible for payment of any additional expenses.
  • The Lamb Institute will not release the names or contact information of any donors.
  • A draft of any materials to LAMB prior to printing or distribution. Logo art and guidelines for use are available from LAMB. Please allow at least five (5) business days to review your materials.
  • Event organizers must submit a description of expected income and expenses to LAMB in advance.
  • Event proceeds must be submitted to LAMB within 90 days of event. Please make checks payable to The LAMB Institute.
  • LAMB will provide each event with a letter of authorization to be used to validate authenticity. Under special circumstances, individual donors to your event may be eligible to receive a tax receipt. Please contact LAMB for further information.
  • The LAMB Institute is not responsible for providing liability insurance for the event. Event organizers shall indemnify and hold harmless the LAMB Institute from liabilities, losses, and expenses arising from the event or promotion.