A Christmas Message from LAMB

Dear LAMB Friends,

There is a holy wonder in the Christmas season. Our children know that wonder! Our grown-up hearts can sometimes sense the wonder as well. Often, though, it seems buried deep, covered by years of living amidst the struggles of daily life. Or buried under hurt or disappointment or loss. As Advent approaches and we anticipate the coming of Christmas, our grown-up hearts long to know that wonder again. As we rush from task to task, is it possible for us to have the eyes, the heart of a child, to know that holy wonder again? We long for that. I believe God longs for that for us.

At Christmas, God came down. To us. We had turned away from God, turned after our own desires. Yet so great was His love for us that He did not solve it by having us come to Him to make things right. He came to us. In the form of a helpless baby. So that we might know His great love for us. What an inconceivable, amazing, wondrous thing! The God who made us, who put the universe in motion….this God came to us. He longs to be with us. He loves us! What a source of joyous, amazing, holy wonder there is in that for us!

As we begin each day this Advent season, let us turn to the Lord before our head leaves the pillow, and thank Him that He indeed came to us. Let us tell Him how we long for the holy wonder of His presence with us. Always, but especially in this Advent season. Let us ask Him to open our eyes to His presence in each moment. And let us, with the eyes of faith, watch as He reveals Himself to us. In holy wonder.

And we would ask in your spiritual preparation and your practical preparation for this wondrous season, would you remember LAMB? Would you pray that our children would also know the holy wonder of Christmas? Of God with them? Would you consider giving a gift from the LAMB Christmas Catalog? When you prayerfully select a gift from this catalog, you are partnering to help LAMB continue to transform lives through the love of Jesus. We will send a card to your gift recipient, sharing the good news of what the Lord is doing in Honduras through your gift.

May the Lord be glorified in this Advent season as we see in all the moments of this season, the holy wonder of God with us.

Margaret Merritt