Meet Amanda

Amanda Scott

AmandascottbAmanda Scott is the Field Volunteer Coordinator for LAMB, residing in Honduras.    She is in charge of our guest house, Casa LAMB, and manages the teams and visitors to our ministries.  She works closely with the Honduran Leadership Team, Margaret Merritt, Director of Operations, and the team leaders to design a safe, fulfilling, and inspirational experience for the teams.  Amanda says, “My hope is that each person has an encounter with the Divine while they are here.  I feel it is my job to create an atmosphere that enables everyone to feel the presence of the living God, to be Christ’s hands and feet, and to love and be loved by the Hondurans.”

Amanda spent 29 ½ years working for IBM as an Organization Change Management Consultant.  She has two sons and a daughter-in-law, all young adults of deep faith.  She uses her skills and experience as a consultant and mom to provide an outstanding environment for our teams!