Did you know that in Honduras…

• Only 26% of children finish elementary school.
• Only 13% complete high school.
• Only 6% go on to University.

At LAMB, we believe that God created each of us with big dreams. Our kids at LAMB have big dreams too. God-sized dreams. Some dream of being the first in their family to complete high school. Some dream of becoming a cabinet maker. Or a doctor. Or a pastor. We invite you to join our DREAM BIG campaign and help kids achieve their dreams! 

God is changing lives in Honduras through LAMB. Meet:


When Jimmy met Suzy McCall, he was only four years old. He and his siblings came from a very poor family and had only known poverty and hopelessness. Jimmy and his siblings were the very first children to be involved in the formation of LAMB’s Children’s Home. In this place, they came to know the love of Jesus. Jimmy believed that his Savior had placed God-sized dreams within him that would one day cause a ripple effect, inspiring other lost children to follow the lamb.

At age 10, Jimmy discovered he had a passion for music. From then on, he dreamed of going to University and studying music. Years later, he is now one of the 6% of Hondurans who make it to University. Thanks be to God who gives His children big dreams and rejoices in helping them achieve them! Jimmy’s dreams continue to grow. He dreams of having a family, a home, and a comfortable life. But more than anything, he dreams of inspiring others, just as he had once been inspired many years ago, to follow the lamb wherever he goes. He says, “I want to show my Honduran peers that no matter how difficult things are, that moving forward is possible.”

Jesus has worked through many people in Honduras and the U.S. to help restore Jimmy’s life.

Is God calling you to help other children like Jimmy achieve their dreams?


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all blessings flow!

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