Following The Lamb

You have probably seen this phrase before, if you have spent much time in the LAMB family….Following the Lamb wherever He goes. Did you know that Suzy, LAMB founder and Spiritual Director, borrowed that phrase from the apostle John who used it in Revelation 14:4? It succinctly expresses what we at LAMB desire to do. We want to follow Jesus, and we want to follow Him wherever He leads us. No matter what!

The IVP NT Commentary on Revelation reminds us that the Lamb is described as “having been ‘slain’ or ‘slaughtered’, and to follow the Lamb wherever He goes is to be ‘slain’ as He was and for our sake.” At LAMB, we are aiming to lay down our own lives in His service, to die to our own desires for the sake of Jesus and in response to His call. Not to live life our way, but to allow Jesus to lead us. Sometimes for us that looks like reaching out with love to children whose gang-member parents have the power to harm us. Other times, it means we accept an abused child from social services when we don’t know where he will sleep or how we pay for the medicines he will need.

So where will following the Lamb lead us? As Suzy wrote “Education, microbusiness, safehouses, childcare, youth programs . . . and wherever else our CEO [Jesus] leads us in His Name. We are ‘those who follow the Lamb wherever He goes,’ (Rev. 14: 4), and we pray that by entrusting our God-given tasks to Honduran leadership, we have clearly demonstrated that this work was never ours. As C. S. Lewis would say, ‘Come higher up and further in!’ I’m confident that will be our experience as we continue to seek to do ministry God’s way, not guided by moneymaking strategies, but by the Holy Spirit who seeks and saves the lost.”